Item Details

Basic info

Cursed Scimitars Lv. 50
  • Base Damage : 13824
  • Base Crit : 415
  • Base Speed : 318
  • Base Evasion : 602
EVA +5% Crit Damage against bosses +25% Every attack has an 8% chance to chant a Curse of Erosion, which deals 1416 Damage per second for 15 seconds and absorbs 30% of that Damage to recover HP

"An ancient, vicious curse is intertwined in these dual blades. They are seen as a symbol of death and misfortune, but, um, I'm sure you'll do just fine with them. Don't quote me on that."

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 269 silver Selling Price 126 silver

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Scimitars from a Faraway Land + 1x Refined Suppression Core = 1x Cursed Scimitars

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