Item Details

Basic info

Conqueror's Sword and Shield Lv. 50
  • Base Damage : 15360
  • Base HP : 1337
  • Base Defense : 226
  • Base Evasion : 508
DEF +5% Damage taken from bosses -5% Each attack has an 8% chance to confer the Conqueror's Immortality, which increases DEF by 472 and Healing Potency by 424 for 15 seconds

"Like the weapons used by famous conquerors in history, this sword and shield actually bleed the night before the battle, so be ready with the Band-Aids."

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 410 silver Selling Price 141 silver

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Assault Sword and Shield + 1x Refined Suppression Core = 1x Conqueror's Sword and Shield

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