Item Details

Basic info

Ancient Shell -
A successful fortification increases the item's grade by one level. If fortification fails, the item's potential will increase. When potential reaches 100, the item is automatically fortified by one level.

This hard shell is an amalgamation of ancient corals and molluscs. It can be used in armor fortification. Right-click to open the Fortification menu. Once this Fortification is used, the item it is applied to will be bound and can no longer be traded.

Sold by Archaeologist Merchant Ragou, Relic Collector Vera,
Cost 200 x Archeology Tokens

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
15x Damaged Pottery Shard + 2x Ancient Shell = 1x Mysterious Mud-covered Ring
10x Ancient Shell + 1x Brawler Secret Stone Fortune Bag = 1x Archaeology Occupied

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