Item Details

Basic info

Frostmoon Scythe Lv. 40
  • Base Damage : 10668
  • Base Crit : 263
  • Base Speed : 198
  • Base HP : 1015
Max HP +5% DMG against Bosses +10% 8% chance of activating Frost Strike when attacking, which deals 986 continuous DPS for 15 seconds. Also converts 30% of DMG received into recovered HP.

"Crafted from the scales of the legendary Ice Dragon, this supremely sharp and surprisingly light weapon has incredible destructive power."

Item you might obtain by Salvaging this
Cost 1 gold 294 silver Selling Price 129 silver

Crafting info

Recipe Raw Materials Result
1x Shadowmoon Scythe + 1x Refined Elemental Core = 1x Frostmoon Scythe

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