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Apprentice Wooden Bow Lv. 1
????(???) Lv. 1
Aura Battle Bow Lv. 1
Fine Wooden Bow Lv. 8
Cedar Longbow Lv. 8
Forest Ranger's Bow Lv. 18
Hunter's Bow Lv. 18
Strong Iron Longbow Lv. 28
Woodsman's Hunting Bow Lv. 28
Sturdy Steel Longbow Lv. 30
Emeraldine Longbow Lv. 38
Finely Crafted Longbow Lv. 38
Royal Plumed Battle Bow Lv. 40
Harvey's Bow of the Goddess Lv. 40
Silver Plumed Battle Bow Lv. 40
Demon's Bane Lv. 43
Bow of the Violet Maiden Lv. 45
Berlioz's Bow of Splendor Lv. 45
Archer's Battle Bow Lv. 48
Elven Longbow Lv. 48
Bow of Nobility Lv. 48
Wildling's Battle Bow Lv. 50
Soul of the Glorious Hunter Lv. 50
Cruel Tyrant's War Bow Lv. 50
Grass Kingdom's Bravewind Bow Lv. 50
Dwarven Nightmare Bow Lv. 55
Serpent King's War Bow Lv. 55
Dwarven Longbow Lv. 58
Sea Dragon Hunting Bow Lv. 58
Bow of Frost Lv. 60
Heroic Composite Bow Lv. 60
Dreamer's Longbow Lv. 60
Valkyrie's Composite Bow Lv. 60
Elite Guardian's Composite Bow Lv. 60
Blazing Horns of Zaahir Lv. 60
Swallowtail Battle Bow Lv. 65
Wicked's Winsom Bow Lv. 65
Bow of the Dwarven King Lv. 65
Nazrudin's Bow of Tides Lv. 65
The Psionic Gaze Lv. 65
Blazing Butterfly Bow Lv. 68
Heroic Bow Lv. 68
Dynamic Battle Bow Lv. 70
Ashen Wing Battle Bow Lv. 70
Overlord's War Bow Lv. 70
Righteous Bow Lv. 75
Voracious War Bow of Sunflame Lv. 75